The Ztube was created by Charles Parks. Charles is a Navy Veteran who lives in Denver, Colorado. The Ztube has no recurring monthly fees or access charges.   The Ztube does not need any external power supply.

Since the Ztube can reach up to a 300 miles range, it captures stronger signals from different locations.  During disasters, local towers and personal outside antennas get damaged. That is when you will wish you had a Ztube! 
Charles Parks, CEO                                                                                     

About Ztube

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The ZTube is an omni-directional state of the art television antenna capable of receiving up to 70 stations broadcast to your home. The Ztube allows all local channels to be viewed in high definition, the rest of the channels will come to you in extremely high resolution. This incredible antenna has been tested at ranges up to 300 miles, depending on locale.  The ZTube has incredible picture stability even in rain, snow, or storms! 

 *The Ztube is FCC compliant

Ztube Inc


outdoor/indoor tv antenna   Model XP1  

5 ounces

buy now for only $59.95 plus shipping and handling*

due to high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks to receive

Join the revolution get a Ztube.  The Ztube is an omnidirectional HDTV antenna capable of acquiring up to 70 channels, depending on locale.  The Ztube does not require external power source.  It does not have a recurring access charge.  The Ztube comes to you ready to hook up to your television with  a 6 ft. coaxial cable. Works in most weather situation with no pixilation.  The unit weighs 5 ounces.  The Ztube has been tested up to 300 miles range.